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Feb. 22nd, 2014 11:59 pm
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I have a world inside my head.
my world => Lysik'an
my images of it => Gallery

Sort-of current links to posters and such. )

My tumblr (mostly about being a non-verbal autistic but not always) Lysik'an on Tumblr
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 I changed the links to the most recent stories from "Published" to "Shared".
I did it because reader told me the "published" links do not fit to the screen, so on mobile there is a lot of scrolling.
The "shared" doc fits your screen so you can read them even on mobile.
It ALSO means you see them in the colors I write in - I can't do "black on white" for long so I use colored background and text to make it easier on my eyes. If there are combinations that you find hard to read, tell me and I'll change them.

Hope you continue reading! (and yes, I do plan on putting up more CGI, too, soon).
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 This one has a theme that may be uncomfortable for people suffering from transphobia.
It is NOT about a transgendered person - I do not know what that experience is. There is gender-swapping issues involved as a significant part of the story, though.

Another Place
 (just a working title for now)

It is a work in progress.
Comments of the not-insulting variety are welcome.
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 I made more words. Lots more.


Has a new chapter with some new people in a new place.

Comments are welcome.
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A short story to introduce a character concept I may include in one of my bigger stories. Let me know what you think.

Wintry Sigh

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I am still trying to write and do CGI art. I haven't had anything I really feel is good enough to 'publish'. Mostly because I am working 10 hour days to try to forget that I have been living in motels for over a year now far from home and family. But I'm still working on stuff. A snapshot of the main thing I am writing (I have 2 serious stories I'm working on and one porn/erotica). Anyway, just so you don't think I forgot I have friends here, you can preview my favorite work in progress if you want. It has adult themes but is not porn or erotica.


Commentary is welcome.

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 May 2016 be better than 2015.
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It’s raining in San Jose. Leonard Cohen sings “In My Secret Life” in my ears.

Like a badly colorized film noir the street is yellow and grey.

The sidewalk feels oily under my bare feet. I hope the rain has washed away enough of the residue the drunks spew onto it. Probably not. I’ll get washed when we go back in.

The Ancient Guardian’s pipe smoke makes a cloud around us. There is no breeze. The rain falls straight down. How curious - it doesn’t do that at home. 2000 miles away.

It’s almost Christmas. 2000 miles away.

My sundress is plastered to my body.

A homeless man huddles against the fence surrounding the motel, counting his fingers. He’s always counting his fingers. He tips his head up at the rain and yells a bad word. Over and over. He huddles over his little suitcase, counting his fingers.

The subsidized housing across the street has one small string of yellowish Christmas lights glowing weakly in the rain as the sole tribute to the holiday. Two young men sit under the string smoking a blunt and laughing loud. I can see their smoke. I doubt it smells as nice as the Ancient Guardian’s pipe.

A woman squeals. A man squeals louder. Loud laughter follows.

I splash in a puddle on the sidewalk, giggling. I like puddles, even if the water feels a bit too slimy.

The rain is light, a mere drizzle compared to the rain at home. 2000 miles away.

Cars roar past. Leonard Cohen stops singing. Chris Fitz starts singing “It’s A Long Way Back Home”. It is. 2000 miles.

Ancient Guardian reaches for my hand. I skip away, splashing the dirty water. The water is always dirty here. He watches me. He’s always watching.

That makes it easier to be here. 2000 miles away from home.
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I mostly post on tumblr (Lysik'an on Tumblr) these days, trying to reserve this for story writing now, since it doesn't have many readers (if any) except when directed here by an update at my site (Lysik'an.org) or on tumblr. Well, I know of two people who still peek (hi!) even after long times of not writing here.

ANYWAY - still writing but I put the fantasy epic on hiatus because of not doing good with descriptions and started working on a shorter story to practice with then ended up in the hospital with a massive infection (cellulitis) in my leg and now just getting back to being a person again. My shorter story, Talon, will appear here shortly, I think, and you'll be able to watch me learn how to do description better :).

So there you have it. I'll try to do better.

Bye for now.


Mar. 28th, 2015 05:15 am
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I am working on the story again after working with people on making words.
This is the current working draft of part 4 of the story, tentatively titled "Lysik'an - The Return Of Magic".
Please feel free to offer advice.

Lysik'an Part 4 )
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(note, one of my editors thinks this is not ready).

Tinky: Chapter 2 )
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After years of telling you I have a story in my head, I put some of it into words.

The Beginning (probably will get revised a lot) )

Bye for now.
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I sympathize with you.

Now read Terry Goodkind's "Faith of the Fallen" to get an idea of what FORCED communism leads to, since you didn't learn from the real world example of the USSR. Maybe fantasy can teach you what reality didn't.

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