May. 21st, 2016

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 I made more words. Lots more.


Has a new chapter with some new people in a new place.

Comments are welcome.
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 This one has a theme that may be uncomfortable for people suffering from transphobia.
It is NOT about a transgendered person - I do not know what that experience is. There is gender-swapping issues involved as a significant part of the story, though.

Another Place
 (just a working title for now)

It is a work in progress.
Comments of the not-insulting variety are welcome.
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 I changed the links to the most recent stories from "Published" to "Shared".
I did it because reader told me the "published" links do not fit to the screen, so on mobile there is a lot of scrolling.
The "shared" doc fits your screen so you can read them even on mobile.
It ALSO means you see them in the colors I write in - I can't do "black on white" for long so I use colored background and text to make it easier on my eyes. If there are combinations that you find hard to read, tell me and I'll change them.

Hope you continue reading! (and yes, I do plan on putting up more CGI, too, soon).

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