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(note, one of my editors thinks this is not ready).

Tinky: Chapter 2 )
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After years of telling you I have a story in my head, I put some of it into words.

The Beginning (probably will get revised a lot) )

Bye for now.
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I sympathize with you.

Now read Terry Goodkind's "Faith of the Fallen" to get an idea of what FORCED communism leads to, since you didn't learn from the real world example of the USSR. Maybe fantasy can teach you what reality didn't.
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I made a new pic. How I look for interviews. It's on my site.

It's also here my tumblr.

YAY - got it to embed. )

Hope you like it.
Bye for now.
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Yup, I made a pic of me and Baby as Pirates. It's on my site. At the bottom of that page I made a slideshow of images that I make about me and Baby (and other real people, as I create them :) ). If you click the slide show you can see bigger pictures.
Hope you enjoy!

Bye for now.
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April is Autism Acceptance Month! Learn to accept the autistics in your life for who they are, not who you wish they were.

The Autism Self Advocacy Network can help.

Autism is NOT a disease. It is a difference.
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Y'all get my stories, not sending them the other place.
My random babbles is at tumblr and echoed to my facebook (Ichie will probly pop in and say how to get there cause I don't know). And of course I will babble here for no apparent reason since I have yet to figure out how to organize stuff in a way I can .... err, you can (yup, your fault) ... understand.

SO - y'all is still the first people to get stuff I write (the stories, ya know), Lysik'an is still the first place for my art since Dreamwidth and LiveJournal haven't figured out how to host art yet.
Anyways and otherways - thanks for being my friends through all my twitches and switches.

Iz Kay?

Bye for now.

Art Online

Feb. 22nd, 2014 11:59 pm
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I have a world inside my head.
my world => Lysik'an
my images of it => Gallery

Sort-of current links to posters and such. )

My tumblr (mostly about being a non-verbal autistic but not always) Lysik'an on Tumblr
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Added new pics to Miscellaneous pics on my site, changed the pic on the Words page (where you can read this journal, btw) to a self portrait. Yup, that means a pic I made that is supposed to look like me. Flat chest and long skinny arms and legs and all. I think I'm cute.

Bye for now.

Nother Pic

Jan. 3rd, 2014 07:56 pm
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Been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and came to the conclusion that if I don't let it go now I'll work on it forever. So please go look at "The Hero" and "The Hero (alt)" in the Story section of my site and let me know which you prefer (and why would be nice, but you don't have to say if you don't want).

Bye for now!
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Be vishin Marry Kiss Miss,
Be vishin Marry Kiss Miss,
Be vishin Marry Kiss Miss,
anna Dappy New Ear!

Merry Christmas from all of us (yes, even Grumpy Grim).

I Did It!

Dec. 15th, 2013 06:50 am
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I actually finished the introductory pic for Tinky. AND I put it on my website!
It's only been around a year that I been saying I was going to get it done, I think.
The hard part was that the characters in the scene are the main characters in the story so they had to be reusable - I couldn't settle for making them look right for just the one pic. I had to repose them a lot and see where they would break and have to fix them. Then DAZ made a new version of Carrara that I had to take advantage of :).
So I think I have them right and I put the pic up yesterday.
Then I decided the Images section needed a section for pics related to the story (that I haven't written yet), so I rearranged the Images section. Hope you like it.
AND - I don't care for "The Hero". I'm going to render a different version and put it up there and let people tell me which they think is better. I'll tell you when I render the other version and then you can vote. I already created it, so no worries of another year to see it. Just months as I tweak and adjust and fiddle :).

Anyways - please peek at my image gallery (the "Story" section) and let me know what you think.

Bye for now.
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"Where's a place I can get a date?"
'name several dance clubs'
"F*** that, I ain't going there, that's girl shit."

happens in RL too - people refuse to go where the people they want to meet go.
"I want a good mate."
'name the various places of worship'
"Nah, I don't want a 'religion' mate, I just want one that follows 'religion' rules."

and these shallow people actually do find temporary mates.
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When reading stories and comics that are not based in the real world or are not based in Christian-centric countries

the phrase "God Damn It" is meaningless, silly, out of context, and stupid. And HUGELY overused.

If your world has no god, and the people have never developed a belief in a god, why would they invent such a phrase? (hint: They wouldn't.)

Worse yet, even in a world that has a god, the phrase still doesn't mean a whole lot unless it has a "hell" since "damn" means to consign to hell.

Worse yet more, in a Christian setting the phrase is a violation of "not use God's name in vain" as it is a command to God - not an appropriate thing to do (us normal peoples ask God, not command him). Particularly exacerbating the 'sin' is that it is used often to express frustration rather than an actual desire - there is no "it" that is intended to be consigned to hell, just expressing a rage at being injured, for example.

So there is no actual case where the phrase fits a fantasy or comic setting, yet it appears in almost every one I have read (and I read a LOT).

If you write - remember to check the etymology of your phrases or I might be writing a specific critique of your usage - and naming names!

and even if it fits, don't use it simply because it is trite. Just don't. Ever.

Bye for now.

mini rant

Nov. 13th, 2013 10:12 am
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I generally avoid news, especially about celebrities, but lately been noticing that people have been critical of one person because she did something sexy, more than once. Most the reports I have seen are yelling about how terrible it is to act sexy because it hurts feminism/women's rights/equality and she shouldn't do it.
Now this person is NOT being exploited by marketing droids or over-bearing managers - she has a reputation for doing what she wants in spite of them.
So the issue is she is acting sexy because she wants to and being told she shouldn't because she's a woman.
Um - isn't that what woman's rights are? The right to choose how we want to behave? Or is it now "the right to choose as long as you choose what I would choose"?

Bieber acts like an entitled punk kid and no one says he should stop because of the image it paints of men, so lets be fair - Miley doesn't need to stop acting like a sex-obsessed teen because of the image it paints of women. She doesn't represent all women any more than he represents all men.

There may be other reasons to tell them to knock it off, but gender equality isn't one.

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