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 This one has a theme that may be uncomfortable for people suffering from transphobia.
It is NOT about a transgendered person - I do not know what that experience is. There is gender-swapping issues involved as a significant part of the story, though.

Another Place
 (just a working title for now)

It is a work in progress.
Comments of the not-insulting variety are welcome.
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A short story to introduce a character concept I may include in one of my bigger stories. Let me know what you think.

Wintry Sigh

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I am still trying to write and do CGI art. I haven't had anything I really feel is good enough to 'publish'. Mostly because I am working 10 hour days to try to forget that I have been living in motels for over a year now far from home and family. But I'm still working on stuff. A snapshot of the main thing I am writing (I have 2 serious stories I'm working on and one porn/erotica). Anyway, just so you don't think I forgot I have friends here, you can preview my favorite work in progress if you want. It has adult themes but is not porn or erotica.


Commentary is welcome.

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